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Alexander Technique for Horse Riders

Trust between a rider and their horse is increasingly valued as an important aspect of a good riding style. Whether classical dressage, gaited horse or Western riding, pleasure riding or equestrian sports, nowadays no style of riding is accepting of mistreatment or harm, neither physically nor emotionally.

Even experienced and motivated riders sometimes find themselves in a vicious circle, unconsciously trying to reach their goals with stress, effort and even force.

The Alexander Technique is helpful, because with it you learn how to interact with yourself in such a manner that the horse profits as well. Through more accurate awareness of your own body, more refined and subtle communication skills can evolve, resulting in a better rapport with each other. As a result, goals can be reached effortlessly and effectively.

Over many years of working closely with riders and their horses in the context of the Alexander Technique, I have developed much interest and enthusiasm for this audience.