Alexander Technique for Musicians

Alexander Technique, which is based on human physiology, is a practical method for discovering and bettering ease and lightness of movement, coordination, flexibility, and thought.

We often develop habits over time that prevent us from reaching our goals or at least make reaching those goals more difficult. This is true not only of habits of muscular tension which may impair breathing or movement, or even lead to injury, but also of patterns of thought that prevent us from displaying our true abilities, for example before or during an audition or important performance.

Aided by the Alexander Technique we learn a more accurate perception of our movement and ourselves by increasing conscious awareness, in order to apply ourselves more effectively and efficiently in everything we do, with or without a musical instrument.

In addition, we learn to effectively apply the minimum effort required to accomplish the particular activity at hand, developing the ability to let go of excess tension, whether mental or physical, whilst carrying out said activity. In this way, we gain better control over our actions and reactions, including in our interactions with our instruments.

This all leads to more effective practice, more stamina and increased flexibility and precision during our performances, allowing the musician to reach their full potential. Goals are reached with more ease and efficiency. We can say goodbye to pain, injuries and chronic complaints related to our profession permanently.

Kerin has much experience working with professional and aspiring professional musicians to help them recover from and avoid injury, and deal constructively with performance anxiety. She is currently on the faculty at the Royal Academy of Music.