• Hello Kerin,
    I took your workshop “The Three Choices: Boundaries, Authentic and Mythical, and the Pursuit of Happiness” at the Alexander Technique Congress this past summer in Chicago. I really enjoyed your workshop and the clarity of intention I had afterwards.
    Reference from a colleague
  • Kerin, thank you SO much for your workshop last week at the Chicago AT Congress 2018, The Three Choices: Boundaries, Authentic and Mythical, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It was brilliant. For me, the simultaneous simplicity and sophistication of your workshop exemplifies the true essence of the Alexander Technique. Your facilitation of our journey together was well organized and supportive, leaving us room to make connections at whatever level of engagement for which we were ready. The sequence of invitations (stimuli), followed by discussion in each of the scenarios, spiraled continually around the essential kernel of what the Technique offers us: our moment to moment opportunity to renew in ourselves the power of choice based on truth, context, and options. Though apparently we “did” nothing, a deeper and renewed sense of empowerment continues for me. I’m still buzzing with excitement and possibility. Thanks again!

    Reference from David