From Corinna:

Dear Kerin,I would just like to tell you that I found the session with you yesterday to be important and fascinating. In the course of the evening I was constantly able to recognise habits of tension and to practise releasing them. I will happily come again and am curious how things will develop! Thank you!!!

From Grigory:

Dear Kerin, I want to thank you, because a few days ago I won a permanent position with the Südwestfalen Philharmonic Orchestra! The work with you helped me a lot! I have already recommended you and the Alexander Technique to other orchestral colleagues. I hope they have been in touch! Thank you again und see you again, I’m sure.

From David:

Kerin, thank you SO much for your workshop last week at the Chicago AT Congress 2018, The Three Choices: Boundaries, Authentic and Mythical, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It was brilliant. For me, the simultaneous simplicity and sophistication of your workshop exemplifies the true essence of the Alexander Technique. Your facilitation of our journey together was well organized and supportive, leaving us room to make connections at whatever level of engagement for which we were ready. The sequence of invitations (stimuli), followed by discussion in each of the scenarios, spiraled continually around the essential kernel of what the Technique offers us: our moment to moment opportunity to renew in ourselves the power of choice based on truth, context, and options. Though apparently we “did” nothing, a deeper and renewed sense of empowerment continues for me. I’m still buzzing with excitement and possibility. Thanks again!

From a colleague:

Hello Kerin,
I took your workshop “The Three Choices: Boundaries, Authentic and Mythical, and the Pursuit of Happiness” at the Alexander Technique Congress this past summer in Chicago. I really enjoyed your workshop and the clarity of intention I had afterwards.

From Claudia:

Dear Kerin,

Alexander Technique – do I really need that?

That was the first question I asked myself when we first met. I found the question to be justified after countless sessions of craniosacral therapy and Feldenkrais. What can the Alexander Technique give me that I don’t already know?

Because of that, my astonishment at what happened in my first lessons with you was that much greater.

I learned that Alexander Technique is more than movement training. It goes much further than that.

Old tightly held and physiologically unfavourable movement patterns bid farewell with your guidance.

I can repeatedly distinctly observe old emotions and blockades being held in my fascia, that I can quickly let go of in your studio.

Through your sensitive, reserved and open manner you create a space in which even I can open up and trust your work, which is rarely possible for me with any sort of therapist. 

In the meantime, your ‘directions’ are frequently present in my day-to-day life and I can apply them very effectively in stressful moments.

Yes, I have become an Alexander Technique junkie and have not only grown on the inside, but also on the outside – from 5’4” to 5’5”! It is unbelievable how positively your work has changed my life, my attitude and my posture.

Alexander Technique is more than a school of movement – with you it is a school of life!

I am very happy to have met you and your work!

Thank you Kerin!

From Tess:

I’ve had three lessons with Kerin Black so far and I can recommend her highly as an Alexander Technique teacher. I have had a stiff neck and shoulders for many years and wanted help to alleviate the problem. I didn’t know much about the topic but Kerin introduced me to the work in a clear and accessible manner.

My first three lessons were about giving me the experience of what happens when I can release my neck so that the rest of my spine can just relax underneath. The emphasis is on hands-on feedback and teaching me the basics so that I can apply the lessons to everyday actions like sitting, standing up, walking, and in my work as an acupuncturist (bending over patients, for example). It’s early days yet but I am hopeful that with time, I can be more aware of where muscular tension is coming from, and therefore work on releasing and moving with more ease and less stiffness.

Thanks for all the encouragement and for explaining the Alexander work so patiently, Kerin!

From Megan:

I had my first Alexander Technique lessons with Kerin about 15 years ago and continue to come back whenever timing and location make it possible. AT has been instrumental in keeping me healthy and unhurt throughout an active performing career as a violinist: first while auditioning and then managing the demands of full-time orchestral work. Kerin‘s teaching is sensitive and has helped me develop an awareness of my body and movement that spreads into everything I do. Can thoroughly recommend!

From Elisabeth:

No more back pain, awareness of my body and a mindful interaction with it – the Alexander Technique with Kerin Black has become a valuable pillar of my life.

The fact that I also receive suggestions on how to slow down my stressful daily life is an added bonus in my lessons with Kerin.

I already had some insights into the Alexander Technique during my music studies. Alexander Technique with Kerin, however, especially convinced me through her high level of professionalism. You notice through and through that she is highly qualified and experienced and a true Alexander Technique teacher in direct lineage to FM Alexander himself.