Because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, I have had to rethink teaching online. Over a year into the pandemic, I have gained some experience and insights into what works and what doesn’t.

What works:

  1. An intellectual, yet playful introduction to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique.
  2. Refresher lessons for those with previous experience of hands-on Alexander Technique lessons. These can take the form of talking through procedures, answering questions and giving impulses to renew motivation and enhance working on yourself, either generally or in a specific context, such as playing a musical instrument.
  3. A feeling of wellbeing and relief of some symptoms of misuse can result.

What doesn’t work:

  1. Truly learning the Alexander Technique from scratch. As mentioned above, a certain intellectual understanding can be gained, resulting in positive results. There’s nothing wrong and quite a lot right with that! A true psycho-physical application of the work, however, requires individual hands-on work to gain kinaesthetic experiences you have never had before. This is nearly impossible to achieve without the aid of a teacher in person. I would be happy to discuss this further with anyone who is interested! 

If you are interested in an introductory session or refresher lessons and are unable to visit me in person, please do get in touch to discuss options for experiencing the Alexander Technique via Zoom.

020 8444 2730

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